Nishane Ambra Calabria Extrait De Parfum – 50ML

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Embrace your elegance and sophisticated aura. The extraordinarily rich Nishane Ambra Calabria Unisex Extrait de Parfum combines carefully chosen ingredients to create a thrilling sensory experience. The unusual synergy of magnificent amber and green notes will give you an unforgettable edge.

  • an aromatic, spicy fragrance
  • for anyone who dreams of being unique and original
  • a fresh fragrance ideal for the warmer months

Composition of the fragrance
The perfume extract opens with astonishingly fresh bergamot, green notes and resinous galbanum, followed by the typical aroma of coriander and intoxicating jasmine. The base of the fragrance reveals sensual notes of amber, sweet and oriental vanilla, as well as distinctive musk.

Story of the fragrance
The perfumer Jorge Lee created the Nishane Ambra Calabria Extrait de Parfum in 2015. He chose each ingredient carefully in order to provide both men and women with a rich fragrance to highlight their originality and unique personality. The exceptionally elegant experience, driven by sensual amber, gives every wearer a taste of what it feels like to have the whole world at your feet.


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Nishane Ambra Calabria Extrait De Parfum - 50ML


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